Kafka’s Wound


Kafka’s Wound is a digital literary work produced a novelist and essayist Will Self and The London Review of Books. The website is comprised of more than one-hundred contents including essays, videos, audio, gallery and interactive contents. Will wrote the main essay about Franz Kafka’s story ‘A Country Doctor’, and more than seventy authors researched and published other essays.

Non-linear essay

The author said that “there is no prescribed ‘right’ path” in the essay.  The essay let users read whatever they are interested in like non-linear narrative contents.  Although there is the main essay, there are also various kinds of supplement content and notes such as videos, games and audios woven though it.

‘Kafka’s Wound’, a digital literary essay, has been designed to allow both the text of the essay, and the wealth of additional digital content woven through it, to be discovered and explored by each reader individually; there is no prescribed ‘right’ path.

How to Use This Site: http://thespace.lrb.co.uk/how-to-use-this-site/


About ‘Kafka’s Wound’


Using geolocation


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