Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh

Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin is a Scottish novelist and crime writer living in Edinburgh.  He is well known for Inspector Rebus series and BBC programs such as Rankin on the Staircase.   Also, BBC made  programs “Ian Rankin’s Hidden Edinburgh” and “Ian Rankin Investigates Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” in which Rankin walked around Edinburgh to explore his origin of inspiration.

Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh

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“Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh” is a Edinburgh guide tour app for Ian’s novel fans.  The app provide a customized Google map of Edinburgh and various kinds of supplement contents related to Ian’s characters and novels.  Ian’s fans can talk a walk using the map and tour route, and check episodes and information whenever they click a pin on the map.  The app includes not only  specific contents about Ian’s novels but also basic Edinburgh’s tour information because most of Ian’s fan have not been Edinburgh.  To achieve the purpose, the app focuses on the quality of photos.

geographical information and literature

The app customized Google map and put pins and information on relevant places.  Some literature has strong relationship with existing places.  For instance, Royal Mile has lot of ghost and scary historical stories, and many guide tours are held.


Ian Rankin’s official website

Rebus’s Tour

Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh


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