Janet Horowitz Murray “Hamlet on the Holodeck”

Murray, J.H. Hamlet on the Holodeck : The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace. The MIT Press. Cambridge. 1998.

In trying to imagine Hamlet on the holodeck, then, I am not asking if it is possible to translate a particular Shakes peace play into another format.  I am asking if we can hope to capture in cyberdrama something as true to the human condition, and as beautifully expressed, as the life that Shakes peace captured on the Elizabethan stage (p274).

About the book

“Stories define how we think, play, and understand our lives. In this comprehensive and readable book — already a classic statement of the aesthetics of digital media, acclaimed by practitioners and theorists alike — Janet Murray shows how the computer is reshaping the stories we live by.Murray discusses the unique properties and pleasures of digital environments and connects them with the traditional satisfactions of narrative. She analyzes the dramatic satisfaction of participatory stories and considers what would be necessary to move interactive fiction from the formats of childish games and confusing labyrinths into a mature and compelling art form. Through a blend of imagination and techno-wizardry, Murray provides both readers and writers with a guide to the storytelling of the future.”

Chapter 1 : A New Medium for Storytelling

Multiform story
Frank Capa “It’s a Wonderful Life”
Jorge Luis Borges “The Garden of Forking Paths”
Delmore Shwartz ” In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”
Alan Lightman ” Einstein’s Dreams”

Active audience
Italo Calvino If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler
Fans of fantasy literature from Tolkien: role-playing ( LARP)
MUDs ( Multi-User Domains)

Movies in 3D
Riding movies

Dramatic Storytelling in Electronic Games
Roland Barthes / George Landow


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